Goals and the human mind

The human mind has two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

Conscious mind

This is the part of the mind which humans think with. It is with the conscious mind that we make decisions, apply logic and process information. The conscious mind is only capable of handling a limited number of events occurring at any one time. However, that does not mean that all the other events happening within our awareness go completely unnoticed. Most of the other events are absorbed by the subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind

This part of the human mind retains all the information acquired through what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. It also retains our words, thoughts, actions and feelings. The information is retained in the part of the subconscious mind that we refer to as our memory.

The subconscious mind responds to instructions from the conscious mind that have arisen through the five senses, or our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. It can not act on its own initiative like the conscious mind can.

Conscious mind working with the subconscious mind

It is incredibly important to realise that whatever is stored in the subconscious mind influences the conscious mind.

Therefore, if a person has a large number of negative thoughts and focuses on them intensely, these will be retained by the subconscious mind and they will surface at a later event and influence how the conscious mind works. Negative thoughts can arise as a result of many stimulants, so it is important that we have a good awareness about what we subject ourselves to.

It therefore follows that good exposure to positive stimulants throughout life will have a more beneficial effect on how the conscious mind is influenced by the subconscious mind. Obviously, it is not possible to completely avoid all negativity in the world, but changing how we react to negative scenarios can help greatly.

Goals and the subconscious mind

Because the subconscious mind can not act on its own initiative and requires instructions from the conscious mind, we can program it to work to our advantage throughout life. We can do this by using carefully defined goals that we repeatedly remind ourselves of.

By giving the subconscious mind detailed, clear instructions through carefully designed goals, we can obtain what we desire throughout our lives. Having goals and continually exposing our subconscious mind to them will increase the alertness of our conscious mind when identifying the information required to achieve them.

A coach can help you work towards the goal setting stage, construct appropriate goals, and also help you use them correctly so that they are achieved.

Written by Prashant Jadav. For more information about coaching and personal development support, please get in touch here.