Let’s get to the core – what makes you tick?

Core values play a crucial role in our lives and businesses. Core values are traits that we value as important and meaningful to us, and are helpful when making important decisions. Some examples of core values are given below:

Achievement, Integrity

Co-operation, Loyalty

Creativity, Responsibility

Involvement, Health

It’s important for individuals and businesses to know what their core values are, because they determine how they will take action. Core values influence goals that individuals and businesses set in place. Where there are strongly held values, there will be high levels of motivation, and ultimately the achievement of goals.

Core values can be thought of as those traits in individuals and businesses that would still be there if all else was taken away. It’s common to hear people talking about their core values, but then acting completely differently. This is a sure sign that they are not aware of their true core values.

This can also be the case with businesses, where values are preached and published, but the workforce population reflects very little of them. Individuals and businesses may fool themselves, but onlookers won’t be so easily fooled. From a reputation perspective, this can be quite damaging.

Clarifying your core values is an important stage towards a more successful and productive life or business. With clear core values we know where we stand in life or business and can make better decisions with them in mind. Core values influence goals that we set in place, but remember, real goals are fundamentally vehicles for fulfilling our core values.

The coaching process can help individuals and businesses to identify their core values. Through a series of discussions a coach can help the client unravel their mind to uncover the core values that all decisions and goals are to be aligned against going forward.

Do you know your core values?

Do your employees know the business’s core values?

More importantly, are those core values being reflected in actions and not just being spoken about?

Written by Prashant Jadav. For more information about coaching and personal development support, please get in touch here.

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